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LT3 Couples Bundle

LT3 Couples Bundle

All included when you purchase:

  • 2 LT3 Hug Pillows

The pillow that represents your love for someone (or yourself) even when you're not around.

  • Customizable Card

A card for writing a sweet note to someone special or a personal reminder for yourself.

  • A Rose

A rose with the color dependent on the color of pillow you order.

  • "A Reminder" Sticker

Great for putting anywhere someone could use a reminder of love.

  • An LT3 Heart Sticker

The classic heart sticker that is meant to represent your love.


Pillow Size - 12in x 13in x 3.5in

Regular price $45.00

The perfect way to say

I love you.

Our pillows are carefully crafted to bring love, joy, and positivity into your life.

A reminder of happiness,

A reminder of love.